The Folklore Artisan Box - No.2 - Woodland Deep

The Folklore Artisan Box - No.2 - Woodland Deep

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In the deep dells of the wooded vale,
where tree and root and leaf exhale.
Where paw and hoof and claw remain,
stretch out in rest: they drink and drain
the winter sun-dappled glory of realms.
Guarded by oak; by pine, by elm. 
- Christopher Iris - @the.untrodden.ways -


☘️The Folklore Artisan Box ☘️ 

A very special gift box crafted by hand to inspire your creativity.

Our ancient woodland holds the secrets of centuries. Theirs is a gentle watch over our world.

Have you ever wandered through a wood and sensed the little world within that is tantalisingly out of your reach?

A world where trees are the guardians of the ancient woodland, a mystical place where little gossamer wings flutter and the ibex treads silently at dawn.

 A place of peace and possibilities.

We are putting together another special box inspired by folklore and myth.

☘️ Folklore Artisan Box - No. 2- Woodland Deep ☘️ 

The box will contain the following:
100g skein
6 x 20g mini skeins
Keepsake pouch stitched in vintage fabric
Embroidery design
Little slow stitch bundle of sweetness
A5 landscape photography print

The yarns will be hand dyed for you to reflect the spirit of the woodland.

The little pouch exterior will be stitched by hand from a vintage fabric, making each bag completely unique. 

 The embroidery will be a simple design for you to stitch, on vintage linen.

The landscape photography by Christopher Iris @the.untrodden.ways will be a gallery quality print. 

There will also be the option to add in a small flower/ leaf press (A5 size) handmade by Keith @from.the.wood.shed

All of the above are hand crafted.

The colours of the yarn will be a surprise for you but don't hesitate to get in touch via the 'contact us' button if you would like to know the colours.

The above goodies come in a sturdy box that is perfect for you to keep your crafty treasures in.


We hope you join us on this wander through mythic realms…
Available on the following bases:


4ply construction
75% Superwash Merino
25% Nylon 
75% Superwash merino
25% Nylon
The gift box will be made from eco friendly materials and recyclable although you'll want to keep it for a project or for storing precious bits and pieces.  
*Please be aware that if you are ordering from the EU, upon delivery of your parcel there will be additional import duties that are not charged by us and are outside of our control.*

A little note about packaging...we take great care to ensure that our packaging is as environmentally friendly as we can make it while ensuring that your purchase arrives with you in perfect condition. Our tissue paper in the box is printed with soy based inks on FSC certified paper and is fully compostable, recyclable and made from recycled materials. Our stickers are also printed on acid free paper using soy-based inks, and are FSC certified. The packaging in the box is fully recyclable. The eco sellotape that we use that is plant based, contains no plastic and is fully compostable. The packing bag is fully recyclable as is the gift box. The bubble wrap that we use to protect your box is also recyclable but why not reuse it?