Our new logo…

Our new logo…

We’ve wanted to update our logo for a while now, so that it reflects our love of nature and the intrinsic link that it has in the work that we do.

We decided fairly quickly that we wanted the logo to be a bird. We considered the robin – this little bird has my heart and the feeling of its little feet landing on my hand to eat a little cheese is magical. Its song and friendliness made it a strong contender. The blackbird is another bird that stops me in my tracks whenever I see one hopping around in search of worms. We love the little wren and are captivated by the goldfinches that regularly visit our garden. Obviously we love the doves… I could go on and on…

The first little bird that we saw in our garden here when we moved in was the pied wagtail. It swoops and flutters around the garden and its call – chisick-chisick – wakes me of a morning. They sit with us in the garden and bring their young to feed. They come to the door every morning in search of some cheese or chopped peanuts and one will call to the other if they are successful. They are brave little birds and will hop around by the legs of our labradors Monty and Archie. So it had to be the wagtail.


Christopher took many photos of our little wagtails and we decided which one best represented their cheeky character before he painted a little watercolour.

I’ve done many embroideries of pied wagtails over the last few years and I think I need to do another one now that this sweet little bird has become our logo 🙂


Did you know….

The pied wagtail lives for 2 years on average but has been known to live up to 11 years and 3 months.

They weigh around 20g

They can get around on the ground pretty quickly by running with their little tails wagging

They will often roost together in large groups to keep warm in the colder months. This also allows them to share information, and in the mornings when they leave the roost, they will follow the healthiest looking birds in their search for food

They love to eat insects found in the lawn… and in my experience are very partial to peanuts and a bit of cheddar cheese…

We hope you love the new logo xx




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