A ‘lively’ cardigan makes an appearance….

A ‘lively’ cardigan makes an appearance….


Ok – so it’s been a long time since my last podcast. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments following my first podcast. Christmas kind of got in the way of things but I’ve finally got around to recording another one. I’m in awe of those podcasters who were doing a daily vlogmas. How do you do it guys??

I apologise for the quality of light but it was a very overcast day – what can you do?

I also would like to apologise (if you have already watched the podcast) or give you fair warning of graphic lurid content – in the form of a cardigan. I can only promise that while the cardigan is somewhat ‘lively’, it is not quite as disgusting as it appears on screen….


Sugar Frost Socks by Marianne   IG:@VanillaWool

Regia Tweed yarn 4 ply

Winwickmum sock tutorial   IG: @winwickmum

Burrow & Soar yarn – Etsy   IG: @msmongoose

CandyCane socks 


Liula Shawl  IG: Emma @potterandbloom 

Scheepsjes whirl Melting Macaron

I would definitely make this again in different colourways.

Caroline’s lovely project bag IG: @carolinelovetosew


That cardigan…. we need not discuss this.


Botanical colour book IG: @rebeccadesnos


Embroidery supplies 

You can pick these up pretty much anywhere but I admit to having a preference for supplies from Merchant & Mills – they have gorgeous notions and a fantastic range of linen.

Cloudcraft is also really good for most sewing supplies – and you usually get a little packet of love hearts – win, win!

Threads you can often pick up locally or from Cloudcraft. This is a good link to learn about different threads  – DMC

Frixion pen – here     There are various colours etc – so shop around.

If you do any embroidery – tag me on IG or leave a comment here – I’d love to know!


General crafty bits

Inspiration for woodland animals – IG: @bettis_stitches and @archiewonderdog

Hope you enjoyed the podcast!

Sherry xx






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