It’s all about the birds..

It’s all about the birds..

One of the very first things I do every morning is to feed the garden birds. Before I feed the dogs… or my husband. No really.

Birds in the garden bring me so much pleasure. I could sit and watch them for hours. We have seen four little families of pied wagtail chicks this year. Mums brought them to the bird table and fed them in front of us – such a privilege to watch.

Pied wagtails are such energetic little things – their tails constantly bobbing and they are often to be seen running across the lawn. Deciding to embroider one was an obvious next step….

As always I start with a little sketch and watercolour. Sketching just seems to help me get to know my subject a little better.

Hopping onto a bag

I also have lots of books on birds, many of them vintage and full of beautiful illustrations. I can spend an age flicking through these lovely old books.

Blue tits are the most amazing little birds, hanging every which way and tapping on your window as they nibble on insects!

As the shops load their shelves with twinkly fayre and we head towards winter, the robin is the obvious choice for my next embroideries. Robins are with us all year round of course, but it is the colder months that they are synonymous with.

This little guy is my real inspiration. To feel those little feet on your hand is pure magic.

He inspired these…

This little lady is all fluffed up and ready for the cold!

Still a few stitches to go on this one…

I find using single strand embroidery thread gives the best effect of the feathers but oh so time-consuming!

All of these embroideries were for knitting/ crochet project bags. Most have been sold but I will be trying to embroider more in the coming weeks.

I’ve also been doing a couple of watercolour Christmas cards

What next? Well, we have a couple of wood pigeons – Nigel and Nigella – who would make great subjects! Big, clumsy gorgeous creatures who are completely unfazed by our two labradors who nose around below the bird table nibbling all the seed that the wood pigeons knock off when they make their boisterous landings!

We’ll see, but for now, I’m pretty obsessed with robins!

I’m going to try and do another podcast soon but so much of my time is taken up with embroidery that I don’t have any FOs to show!






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