Where I take the plunge

Where I take the plunge

Yikes – I finally had the courage to upload a podcast. People have been encouraging me to do one for quite some time but it was a huge step. ‘Tis done

Show notes to accompany my chattering –

Wildflower book – The Concise British Flora in Colour – W. Keble Martin – this is a gorgeous book and there are usually several copies on Amazon that you can buy second-hand.

You can use any threads you choose for embroidery, but I usually choose to use DMC threads – I find them silky, easy to use and the colours are gorgeous. That said, I will often use vintage threads that I pick up from antique markets – use what you love. Probably start with stranded cotton – the thread comes in a skein and can be separated out into 6 strands. Use as many as you want for the effect you’re going for – as a rule, I use 2 strands. Have a look here to get an idea of the different variety of threads – DMC threads.

I mainly use pure linen for my embroidery, but honestly, you can use anything. Some of the best effects can be on more unusual textiles – perhaps start on some denim from some old jeans or an old shirt. Merchant & Mills is a lovely place for linen but most fabric shops will have some pure linen tucked away. Linen comes in various weaves – some very dense, others very loose – make sure it’s not too loose or your stitches will leave holes.

Making Luna Lapin by Sarah Peel – ISBN 9781446306253        Sarah’s IG @coolcrafting

ATC (artist trading card) swap details. Ali runs a swap a couple of times a year. Ali’s IG  @veryberryhandmade  www.veryberryhandmade.co.uk

Hand-Stitched Home by Caroline Zoob. This is a lovely book and there are so many things in there that I’ve made or want to make – ISBN 978-0062250049 IG @carolinezoobdesign

Liula wrap CAL -yup – I forgot to mention that it’s a CAL! (Of course, it’s Emma from Potter & Bloom podcast)

I did waffle a little so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch here on over on Instagram, here’s my page – sherry_iris. I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a link to my Etsy store so you can have a peek at some of my finished embroideries.

Happy stitching

Sherry xxx

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