Autumn beckons…

Autumn beckons…

Summer is slipping slowly by and autumn beckons. I’ll miss the summer barbeques and afternoons spent at the beach or in the garden but there is something so alluring about the autumn months and as I do as every season approaches, I think about what there is to look forward to….

turned up collars

twinkle lights

crunchy leaves underfoot

foggy breath

softly falling night rain seen in the street lights


snuggling up with a pile of books…and my dogs

snuggly jumpers

Christmas planning

collecting conkers

pressing leaves

rosy cheeks in the winter wind

breaking out your awesome scarf collection

roasting chestnuts

bonfire night





night skies

winter coats – I remember new coats as a child

I’m sure you could add so many more.

I also can’t wait for the new Nigel Slater book – The Christmas Chronicles.


Meanwhile, there have been lots of embroideries

Mainly the embroideries have been used for project bags.

This one is Lady’s Bedstraw or Galium verum.It’s a medicinal herb with frothy flowers throughout summer, smelling of honey, then freshly mown hay when dried, it was traditionally used to stuff mattresses, especially those of women about to give birth. It was also used to add colour to Double Gloucester cheese.

Lavender – I was never a fan of lavender as a child but now I adore it. It’s probably one of my favourite plants in the garden – always alive with bees and smelling gorgeous as I brush past it.

I love to pair Liberty print with linen. Here I used Kitty Grace – so striking with the black.

This is another Liberty print – Betsy. I found the petrol blue linen tucked away on a shelf on a recent visit to Liberty of London. Quite a treat.I just wish I’d bought more of it.


I turn my thoughts now to some bird embroideries – starting with robin redbreast. It’s a little bird that is in our gardens all year round but so synonymous with winter…. and Christmas 😉


  • Sue Godfrey
    8th September 2017 2:23 pm

    Just watched your first podcast. I follow you on IG… How do I subscribe to your blog, I can’t find a link xx

    • sherryiris
      9th September 2017 9:12 am

      Hi Sue – ooh that’s a good question! I’ll add a subscribe button! xx

  • Nancy Leachman
    2nd February 2018 11:10 pm

    Just started reading your blog from the beginning. Also watched your podcasts. I want to learn to embroider and LOVE your style.

    Question. What is a conker?

    • sherryiris
      16th March 2018 3:27 pm

      Hi Nancy – thank you so much for watching! I would love to see any embroidery that you do 🙂
      A conker is the seed of the Horse Chestnut tree that you find inside a prickly case. At school, children play ‘conkers’ – where you thread a conker onto a length of string and take it in turns to try and hit the other person’s conker – a very competitive game!Sherry xx

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