Hello Again…

Hello Again…

After all sorts of problems with my website including a virus, I’m finally able to post here again.

The last couple of weeks have been super busy- all my energies have gone into studying and it’s such bliss to be able to devote some time to a little bit of sewing, knitting and gardening.

The garden has started to reawaken, with shy growth nudging through the soil and new shoots brightening the beds.

I’m trying to create a cottage garden feeling  – planting foxgloves, honeysuckles, rambling roses, aquilegia, campanula and lupins.

Gardening fills me with joy.

I’m so enjoying having the time to get back to my Garter Stitch Shawl

I’ve sent off my mini hoop swap organised by Ali over at VeryBerryHandmade


This is a teeny tiny embroidery – the hoop measures 5.5cm – those are regular sized pegs you see there! I love the way these colours look with this Liberty fabric ♥

I’m also continuing with Miss Luna Lapin – a lovely pattern and I can’t wait to make her some chic clothing – she’s a very elegant rabbit! I’ll post some pictures next time.

I’m now just starting on some new embroidery – I always have to have some embroidery on the go. Inspired by all the beautiful spring blossom, I’m going with a pink theme.



Sherry xx



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