The 52 week project

The 52 week project

Happy new year! I love new year. A time for fresh perspectives and new opportunities. One problem. I’m a faffer. I wake up with a myriad of wonderful ideas that slip down drainholes, merge into fogged breath and skip behind the sofa. I need to grab hold of them. Lists help. I’m a list person. Everything goes on a list but I need to make my lists more achievable, more realistic.

When I saw the 52 week project, I knew I had to take part. I heard about it through Colette when it popped up on her Instagram feed. It’s being organised by Kristin @brooklyn_haberdashery and I couldn’t resist! For me, it seemed the perfect opportunity to see the wonderful artistic talent out there, make new friends and keep my own ideas on track.

The project can be whatever you like. I decided to do #52weeksofnatureembroidery. I love nature, I love embroidery. I’ve not actually worked out what I’m going to do with 52 pieces of embroidery – a large wallhanging, incorporate them onto cushions, project bags etc or simply 52 individual pictures? Whatever happens, it will mean that I’m more likely to spend a little more time doing what I love. Anyone can join. Fancy getting involved?

The robin still isn’t finished, so strictly speaking I’m already behind..

By the way – this little chap is the inspiration for my first embroidery. He was a constant companion to me where we used to live. He flew to my hand and hopped into the kitchen if I was a little tardy with his food.


I really miss this scruffy little guy. Robins are so special.


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