A Busy Couple of Weeks

A Busy Couple of Weeks

The last couple of weeks have been very busy, leaving little time to sew and even less to blog. My sons have moved home and we formed part of most of the removal crew, there has been a trip back to my home town in Kent and one to London to see Coldplay.

I love having lots to do but oh – the bliss of a quiet couple of weeks where I can get down to a bit of sewing, pick up my knitting and carry on with that crocheted blanket!

One of the things I did manage to finish – mainly because I took it with me on my trips, was the ATC swap I signed up to. If Ali can manage to organise such a swap with her busy workload, then I was determined to finish it. As I wrote in my previous post – even with planning, how it actually turns out may be quite different as I tweak and alter things as I go along. Overall, I’m quite happy with it but kind of wish that I’d embroidered the flowers separately rather than doing the appliqué with Liberty print. I hope my swap partner likes it.

The theme of the swap was ‘Say Something’ and after much pondering I decided to go with ‘To Bee Or Not To Bee’, essentially a comment on the decline of our wonderful, hardworking bees due to a whole host of possible factors including our continued use of pesticides

The beginning – a quilted hexagonal background…


A nervous start on the bee – I’m still undecided about where it’s going at this stage..


I got there in the end..



The completed back..


Can’t wait to receive mine now!!

Looking forward to the Glastonbury coverage on the BBC – couldn’t get tickets this year 🙁

Coldplay at Wembley were amazing – such a party atmosphere- I’m on a music high at the moment. When that passes Wimbledon starts. Win win!


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