Missing My Garden Birds…

Missing My Garden Birds…

We moved to our new house a couple of months ago – it’s a new build so setting up home again has been an exciting, if fairly expensive time. 

A new house is great – everything is brand spanking new, with modern facilities and you can move straight in without masses of cleaning or renovating to do. But….it also means pretty much starting from scratch in so many ways. Curtain rails and lights etc… are needed for every room and your existing furniture often looks way out of place in its new surroundings (we moved from a 300 year old cottage so this is a massive change for us!). But the biggest thing by far for me is the garden. It’s a blank canvas. That’s good right? Well, it can be if you know exactly how you want it to look but unless you have Monty Don close to hand (how I wish – stop it Sherry), then it can be a bit of a daunting task.

I know how I want the garden to look – a cottage style garden with brick paths and blooms tumbling onto paths. Think Sissinghurst Cottage Garden ….

Sissinghurst Castle Garden, Kent. (Credit:National Trust)
Sissinghurst Castle Garden, Kent. (Credit:National Trust)


But back to reality – first my garden isn’t that big and secondly, constructing a garden is pretty costly. So initially, we’ve had a lawn laid. We have two large labradors and new cream coloured carpet so a muddy back garden is a no -no! The back garden was just one large lawn with not a flower in sight.

The garden now has a very small amount of shrubs planted – lavenders, Clematis, Honeysuckles, Buddleia and Wisteria – and the main reason I chose most of these is not simply because I love them but because they will hopefully attract bees and birds. How I miss my birds.

In my old garden I had blackbirds, finches, blue tits, great tits, doves, woodpigeons, house sparrows, an amazingly tame robin (I can’t tell you how much I miss that little guy),rooks, dunnocks, nuthatches and a pheasant called Jeremy. They waited for me every morning to feed them and were constant companions in the garden.


My robin flew to where I was in the garden – if I was hanging out the washing he would be on the line, if I was sitting outside he would sit on the table or the back of my laptop and if he wanted a little extra bit of food – he loved a little bit of cheese, then he would fly in the kitchen and I would find him sitting on the tap.

Here he is sharing a little bit of cheese from my lunch 🙂


We have in the past spent a week protecting blackbirds chicks on the ground from our two cats, rescued a family of ducklings after mum decided to nest on our garage roof and they all tumbled to the ground one morning, we have regularly peeked in on a robin’s nest in our conifer and watched as our house sparrows left the nest just above our patio table.

So far, I have a crow, a magpie and two woodpigeons. I’ve been putting food out for two months and it’s taken that long for them to visit the bird table. The problem is that there’s nothing in the garden to attract them – no trees or flowers yet 🙁

I’m going to persevere and any bird is welcome although I can’t wait for another little robin to adopt me.

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