Sewing seedheads

Sewing seedheads

Seedheads are often popping up in my work. Cow parsley, allium, clematis, poppies… I find as much beauty in the seedheads as I do the flowers. 

I’m in the process of putting a seedhead design onto my cases and I’m trying lots of different approaches.

My first thought was to do a very basic outline embroidery of a poppy seedhead onto linen.


I made this one into a case. I’m pleased with it and I’ll be putting it in my shop- but although I might work on it further for a pattern, it is far too time consuming for me to be able to hand embroider each case.


I liked the idea of a side profile for the front and a birds eye view for the back.


Next thought was to try a little quick machine applique with a rough naïve finish.


I thought showing the top of the poppy maybe worked better because with a side view only, it could be mistaken for a thistle! Ahem- poor drawing skills! It needs more detail at the top to ensure it looks like a poppy and that might be more complicated to do on the sewing machine.

I’m going for the poppy on the right, combining the side view with the top of the seedhead also stitched.



I don’t know whether to keep to this scribbling/ sketchy style of stitching or whether to go for a nice neat appliqué finish. After having another play around with stitches, I decided that I liked the look of the sketchy stitching.

Voila!! Decision made. This is a design that I’ll be sewing frequently – so I needed to get it right!



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