What a papaver!

What a papaver!

I admit to a passion for poppies papaver in all their varieties. I love them when they are first shooting up, when their open their glorious petals to the world and I think they are equally beautiful when they have finished flowering and the heads are full of seeds.

I always collect the seed heads and enjoy seeing the tiny little seeds mounting up in envelopes and jars ready for the following year. Having just moved house and only just beginning to plant my garden, these little jars of seeds are a wonderful start.

These are some of the poppies in my garden last year




All different sizes and colours. They were my summer sun. In my bare garden I long for their colour.

I have spent today sketching the delicate seed heads and will hopefully manage a couple of watercolours this weekend.






Aren’t they gorgeous. I’m thinking poppies on a glasses case soon!

Wishing you a very happy weekend wherever you are ­čÖé

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