Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

A quick trip to the moors this morning to exercise the hounds left me feeling inspired and with that ‘glad to be alive’ feeling!

The dogs are used to me stopping all the time and wait patiently while I pick up a broken fern or photograph another rock -‘Isn’t that the same rock she photographed yesterday?’ Probably. The colours there are so amazing and no matter how hard I try to capture the beauty of the moor, it’s impossible to recreate that moment. This morning I could hear a curlew calling in the valley. I’m too myopic to be able distinguish anything too far away but to stand on the top of a tor and hear that, is pretty magical.

The ponies were friendly today and enjoying the lovely warm sunshine. Even the ever constant wind was a bit more playful and didn’t blast me to bits!

Sitting in the car with a cup of tea, I go through my little bag of ‘bits and pieces’ that I collect. They’re wonderful to sit and look at and are a wonderful memory of a walk.




We see you Archie…




…and my bit and pieces…




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