Now selling on Amazon

Now selling on Amazon

The last couple of days have been busy as I’ve been setting up my new Handmade at Amazon store. 

That’s meant lots of sitting at the computer, lots of photography and not an inconsiderable amount of head scratching as I get used to a new system.

The only problem is – it means I haven’t been able to ‘make’ anything. What with the house move and trying to get back to a normal routine, it’s been a cotton wool few weeks.

But I’m moving forward in a feet in treacle kind of way. Positive thinking!

On another note, I bought a gorgeous vintage tablecloth and quilt piece on Instagram and can’t wait to do something with it.

I also noticed a Great British Sewing Bee article in a sewing magazine I was flicking through this week, which must signal the new series coming up. Whoop!

Happy sewing and creating wherever you are

Sherry xx


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