Settling in..

Settling in..


Welcome to my shiny new website! It’s been in the making for some time but a rather sudden house move has meant that the last few weeks have been a little manic!

This will be a place where I’ll share new products, ideas I’m working on, chat about all the wonderful crafty talent out there and have a little natter along the way!

We’ve recently moved from the Cotswolds down to Devon. House was found and move happened within five weeks! It’s been intense! We’re still surrounded by boxes, have no curtains up and light shades are nowhere on the horizon but we’re happy and simply trying to enjoy our new surroundings.

Monty and Archie our Labradors have settled in amazingly well and are loving long walks on Dartmoor and the beaches. Neither of them were too happy about being surrounded by boxes for a couple of weeks and barked their heads off when the removal men arrived but we’re here now and they’re very much making themselves at home!

Having Dartmoor so close is amazing! We’ve been visiting and taking inspiration from this part of the world for some time now – it’s wonderful to be here.

I’m looking forward to getting back to sewing now that my boxes have been unpacked! Panic ¬†ensued when a couple of orders came in after I’d packed up my sewing room but had forgotten to put my shop on holiday mode, so I had to frantically undo a few boxes before predictably finding the cases in the last box I looked in. Having resealed all the boxes I stood there in near despair as I realised that I needed to find all the packaging as well. Woe was me!

All unpacked now and raring to go. I’ve bought some wonderful new floral and spotted cottons and have ordered some yummy Liberty prints – can’t wait for them to arrive!

I’ll leave you with some photos of the hounds settling in to their new environments.


Can’t wait to do a sketch of Exeter Cathedral, when I’ve found my sketching pencils…


Sherry xxx

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